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howdy !

A new blog for the new year! Well, so much for the new year. I could just hardly wait.

So, why switch?

1. I’ve been longing to change my blog’s background. I know i could really do it by editing my current blog’s template, but it’ll be a huge hassle. For one, switching from a dark-coloured to a light-coloured background would be no easy task as i’ve changed the font colour of some of the texts – yellow texts wouldn’t show on a white background, would they?

2. Have you seen my old blog’s archieves? Indeed, it dates back to 23 b.c. Whops, i meant 2003. I was still the short little girl genuinely enjoying having to go to school and at the same time struggling to get SPM done with back then. My god. Have you read those posts? Well, don’t ever. It’s untouchable – being peppered with grammatical errors and whatnots all over. ‘I never saw any friend at the night market’. wtf? And stop wondering. I don’t saw my friends ok.

3. I was quite determined to stay with blogger, provided the template which i intend to use works on it. But it didn’t! What a waste, had such a pretty template, too. So i started searching for other blog hosts, and stumbled upon this. Decided to give wordpress a shot. What attracts me most is its feature which enables password-protected posts. That way i could always blurt out whatever i feel like, and choose to hide the post from those whom i prefer not to be reading it.

And, why the name debbites?

adj. -tised

A congenital disorder which is also bizarrely known to be highly contagious. Once infected, the individual remains infective/ed for life. What is peculiar, however, is that the clinical symptoms only manifest itself when the infected individual is placed under decision making situations. Infected persons are characterised by the following signs and symptoms:

1. Acute hearing, visual, and vocal failure leading to difficulty in communication. To the laymen’s eye, this is commonly perceived wrongly as the ‘I don’t want to hear it, see it, or talk about it’ syndrome.

2. There is strong CNS (central nervous system) involvement leading to all nouns and verbs (when able to talk) to be replaced with ‘I don’t mind’.

3. About 1% of the infected individuals manifest with urine retention failure leading to chronic visitations to the toilet.

4. Involuntary contraction of the upper limb muscles – leading to irregular upwards movement of the shoulders (very much similar to the universal ‘I don’t know’ sign).

Treatment: There are a few temporary reliefs and a number of remedies which have been proven to lead to a permanent cure, but those shouldn’t be revealed here right? Otherwise everyone would be using it against me. How mean.

Well, basically when people say you’re debbitised, it means you’re being indecisive :)

This was originally posted in min’s blog. It’s ridiculously funny!

Kudos to mipeen and yapok for the breakthrough discovery of debbites